The Church of the Resurrection is part of The Episcopal Diocese of California.  The diocese includes over eighty congregations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Episcopal Church played an important role in the early history of San Francisco and Grace Cathedral, one of the city's landmarks, is our diocesan center of worship.
The Diocese of California is part of The Episcopal Church in the USA, which includes congregations and dioceses in all fifty states and a few foreign nations.  The Episcopal Church in the USA has deep roots in the colonial period of US history and has been involved in all the major historical changes through which our nation has gone.
The Episcopal Church in the USA is part of a world wide Anglican Communion, which includes many national churches, all having some historical connection with Great Britain and the Church of England.  Each national church is autonomous, but all bishops in the Anglican Communion meet every ten years at the Lambeth Conference to discuss issues touching all our lives.  It is called the Lambert Conference because the bishops meet in Lamberth Place, which is the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  There is also an Anglican Consultive Council that meets regularly in order to keep all the churches in constant dialog with each other.  The head of the Anglican Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has no power outside Great Britain, yet is accorded honor and respect as the senior bishop in the entire Communion.  The head of the Episcopal Church in the USA is the Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael Curry.