August 29: Preschool Update

From the Rector
Dear friends,
I'm writing to you with a heavy heart this week as I share the news that I have made the decision not to reopen Peter Pan Preschool this fall. Our preschool director Diana worked incredibly hard this summer to restructure the classrooms and program to meet the new health guidelines made necessary by Covid-19, and the teachers joined wholeheartedly in preparing for the school year. I am so grateful for their vision and creativity. Unfortunately, we recently saw a significant and sudden drop in enrollment, and all the best efforts to reach out to other potential families have not borne fruit. As such, we would be looking at running at a large deficit each month, not including the likelihood of greater costs incurred related to the pandemic and possible re-closures.

This past Monday, I called an emergency Vestry meeting to gather the wisdom, perspective and counsel of that body, and I am grateful for how thoughtfully and carefully they considered all the possible risks and benefits of the various ways we might proceed - as planned at a deficit, moving online, or waiting to reopen. Ultimately, we were in agreement that there are simply too many unknowns and risks for us to move forward with reopening the school: risks both to the physical health of the preschool community, and also to the financial sustainability of the school and church. 
I am so inspired by the service this school has offered to the community for many years, and I am deeply saddened to have to press pause on that important ministry. My fervent hope is that by making this decision now, we will be able to return to offering a wonderful and robust preschool program in a healthy and sustainable way when the pandemic has subsided.

For, now please join me in praying for Diana, for our teachers, Jennifer, Sophia and Yvonne, and in giving thanks for their remarkable gifts to this community. Please pray also for the families who had been planning on enrolling their children here in September. I lament that the school cannot open as we had hoped, and, at the same time, I trust that together, we will be able to carry this ministry forward in time. 

Thanks and peace,