June 13: Not just our Future, but our Present

From the Rector
Not just our Future, but our Present

One of the ways I have often heard young people celebrated is by how we trust they will shape our future. There is no question they will carry it — such is passage of time — and still, we often look to our youth with hope and gratitude for the ways we anticipate them making this world a better place in the years to come. All this is good, true and warranted. And, I’ve often felt that this sentiment misses an important truth, especially in the Church: our youth are not only the future of the Church, they are the Church now!
This beautiful reality is one of the things that first caught my attention about Church of the Resurrection, and continues to amaze and inspire me. I am so grateful for the many ways that teenagers, in particular, have been given center stage in this community, to lead in their own right. Whether in worship, service, or fellowship, our youth have both voice and vision, and from what I can see, we are so much the richer on account of their collective generosity of self.
This Sunday, we will be celebrating the many graduating seniors in our midst. This is one more way that the pandemic is proving bittersweet, as we must reach for ways to honor and support our graduates from afar, even as we get to witness their tenacity and spirit in such trying times. I am so grateful to Shannon and Colleen and all the parents for their enthusiastic work supporting our youth in leading us once again, and in finding a way to lift them up in prayer and celebration. So please, join me in getting excited for this Sunday morning, when our worship will be led primarily by these amazing high school graduates. It is such a good thing that they are our future, and we are all the more blessed that they are also our present, now. Thanks be to God!

Food Drive for Monument Crisis Center and Christmas in July
How can I help, you ask?

Just in case you are looking for a way to step into the solution.  We have ways to plug in to our community in easy but significant ways. 
1. We will be kicking off the food drive Sunday June 14th between 12-2.  You are welcomed to drop the food off at the church. The barrels will be outside the church every Wednesday and Sunday Between 9-3.  The Monument Crisis Center is generously giving food to any and all who need it.  They are in desperate need currently.  
2.  For the Christmas in July campaign this year we will be collecting school supplies and gently used and new children's and young adult books. Please look for our traditional Christmas Tree in the church and the online invitation for supplies.

Shake the Apples Trees!

Dear Congregation:

Our row of apples trees are alongside the schoolyard fence of Peter Pan.

At this time of year, the apple trees have small, green apples which grow in clusters on several of the trees (see the photo).  In order for the apples to mature in August & September, these clusters need to be thinned to provide more room for the remaining fruit to grow.

The easiest way to thin the clusters is to shake the tree branches and some apples will fall to the ground.  If you happen to be on the church grounds, take a few minutes to walk up and shake some apple tree branches!  If you don't have time to pick up the results and throw them away, I'll gather it up on my Saturday trips to the orchard.
We will get better fruit come September for eating and baking!

 Bill Deane (Orchard guy)

Zoom Coffee Hour continues!
It has been a sweet joy to come together for a coffee hour on Zoom! Join us again this Sunday for this informal time to check in with one another, hear how everyone is doing, and just enjoy seeing each other's faces! We'll gather at 11:30 Sunday morning, so you'll have time to get a treat and pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee.

Compline by Zoom
All are invited to join in Compline on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. Have your prayer book handy and open to p. 127. If you don't own a prayer book, here's a link: https://www.bcponline.org/

Hymn Sing Zoom Invitation!
Join our Hymn Sing this week at 7pm on Thursday evening. Come and sing with us - no hymnal or special skills needed.  We will take requests during the meeting, or if you wish to submit one ahead of time, you can email Colleen Henry at cbhkeys@gmail.com.