March 27: Entering into Holy Week

Dear friends,

Time has felt slippery this past year — at times unbelievably slow and drawn out, and at others moving more quickly than we can seem to manage. We haven’t been able to mark time’s passage in the ways we’re used to, gathering for food and ritual and festivity at pivotal moments. And still, here we are again, back on the cusp of entering into Holy Week. And again this year, we enter into Holy Week each at a distance from one another, spread out and yet reaching for connection. We are weary of screens and separation, many are living with perpetually short fuses, and I suspect most of us feel the threat of compassion fatigue at this point, now more than a year into this global disaster. 

Take all this together, and it could seem like a terrible time to step into the pain of the story of Holy Week. Why turn our attention to yet more suffering, when all we have to do is read the news to see it unfolding in real time? It’s a fair question. For my part, I have found that it fundamentally matters to sit with the story of God’s love, God’s pain, and ultimately, God wrestling new life from the rubble. It speaks to the suffering all around us, and it shapes the way we might begin to live in it and beyond it. Showing up to this story guides us in hearing God in our own day, and in learning to be present to one another, through it all. And so we enter into Holy Week again, together, even from afar. I encourage you to take a look at the various services we’ll be holding, including some new ones, and think about how you might build your week around these sacred ways of gathering. We will get to Easter, and soon — but we begin here first, with Holy Week.

Peace to you as you practice these days ahead,