May 5: The Bishop is coming!

Dear friends,

Just a few weeks into Eastertide, we have yet another wonderful reason to celebrate! On Sunday, May 15th, Bishop Marc Andrus will be visiting us at Church of the Resurrection. With nearly 80 congregations in the Diocese of California, it is only every three years or so that the bishop joins us on a Sunday. On the 15th, +Marc will be preaching and presiding at both the 8:00 and 10:15am services, and visiting with us all in a festive coffee hour following the 10:15 service.  

It's always a joy to have +Marc visit, as he is a wonderful preacher and all-around joy to connect with. More than that, though, his presence helps to remind us of who we are as a church. There are many different ways that Christian communities can organize themselves: some are highly congregational, meaning the identity, vision, and action are all discerned and enacted at the local level, right there in that particular church. As Episcopalians, we live in a different form — we are very much rooted on the local level, while at the same time being deeply connected with other churches across the diocese, our province, the Episcopal Church as a whole (which includes 16 countries besides the United States!) and finally, the global Anglican Communion. In this way, we are connected to many different perspectives and ways of life, as well as the gifts and needs and possibilities of this great web of so many faithful folks. 

Bishop Marc is one of our primary points of connection with the wider church — in fact, that’s what “Episcopal” means — it comes from the root word of episcopacy, meaning the order of bishops, which gives structure to our church. As our bishop, +Marc helps us to learn from and love the church and world far beyond the corner of Gregory and Kahrs, and practice looking for God in this wonderful spread of humanity and creation.

Finally, his visit will be a day for celebration here at Resurrection because there are special rites that we mark with his leadership. Folks have been studying and preparing since the beginning of Lent as part of our Catechumenate program for adult formation, and when he is here, some of our members will be reaffirming their baptism or being formally received into the Episcopal Church. What a joy to grow and strengthen our family of faith in this way!

Mark your calendars for May 15th, and get ready for a wonderful day of being church together.