The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection was formed as a mission on July 1, 1959 under the leadership of The Reverend Richard Shackell.
The congregation met first in a local bowling alley and, subsequently, in other public buildings in Pleasant Hill while completing their new building.  The new building was built by many volunteers from the parish.  The first church services in the new building were held on April 19, 1962.
The original architect's plans intended that the new redwood building, with soaring curved arches, would serve eventually as the Parish Hall, and a second building with a high spired roof would serve as the church.  Instead, the second buiding, completed in 2004, is our Parish Hall, and the original building has been reconfigured as our church.
The Reverend Richard Shackell continued to serve until long after the mission became a parish, which happened on March 16, 1967.  He was followed by The Reverend Ronald Atwood, who left in 1984; and then by our recently retired Rector, the Reverend Bruce Smith, who served from March 1, 1987 to January 31, 2018.