George McLain

My wife
Georgi and I first met Father Bruce Smith in the early 1980s when he was the youth minister at St. Stephens in Orinda. I still remember Bruce showing up at our son Jeff's track meets when he was in high school. And both kids remember him showing up for lunch at Campolindo High School when they were there. After the St. Stephens Rector Jean Clark retired, and Bruce went on to greener pastures, we sort of dropped out of the church scene.

One day in the late 1990s we went to purchase paint at the Sherwin Williams store on Main Street in Walnut Creek when we ran into Father Bruce.  He told us that he was at Resurrection so we checked it out the next Sunday and we have never looked back.
Since we joined we have been active in Vestry, Stewardship, Finance Committee, Peter Pan Preschool Board, Altar Guild, Loaves and Fishes, LEM, the Adult Education forums, and the Adult Mission trips.
We generally attend the 8:00 am service except when Georgi is teaching Sunday School. Come check out the 8:00 service!
George McLain