Georgia Couch

We became involved in the Church of the Resurrection at a very sad time in our lives.  My dear Mother passed away on Christmas Eve of 1989 and immediately my cousin (by marriage), Jean Meredith, was right there to help, as she always is. At the time, Roy and I were not affiliated with a church on a regular basis and Jean asked us if we would like her to contact her priest for us.

When Father Bruce arrived at our home, we were immediately comforted by his kindness and sympathy.  He spent time with us and prayed with our entire family and he was so helpful in seeing us through this difficult time.
The following Sunday we began attending CoR and at the next opportunity, I was confirmed into the church at Grace Cathedral, with Jean as my sponsor.
Shortly thereafter, there was a need for someone to help out playing the organ and I, having been a piano teacher since 1970, offered with the understanding that I am a pianist, not an organist.  That didn't matter so long as I could get the congregation through the hymns, which I did.  I must say, that old pipe organ was a bit of a challenge - it seemed to have a mind of its own.
Not long after that, I was part of the search committee in purchasing the beautiful electronic organ we have today.  Bruce kindly arranged for a few organ lessons for Alice Keller and me.  For the next 16 years I had the pleasure of playing the organ for this church.  I truly enjoyed that opportunity.  Also, being in the choir under the direction of Maggie Cartwright was an honor and an experience.  Maggie constantly challenged us both as singers and accompanist.  I believe she saw in us a talent that none of us believed we had.  Maggie had a way of bringing out the best in all of us.
By the way, Roy and I are also celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year!
We both feel blessed to call Church of the Resurrection our church home.
Georgia Couch