Jim Kerrigan

In September of 2004 our eldest granddaughter began attending Peter Pan Preschool.  Emma had a wonderful experience at Peter Pan and she transitioned into kindergarten seamlessly.  During Emma's time at Peter Pan Joann and I would occasionally pick Emma up at the end of her school day.  We were both impressed with the quality of the staff and the genuine care that everyone seemed to have for the children.  I recall Emma's description of her first visit to the church with her class.  Over dinner she described visiting God's house.  Joann suggested that we attend a service and familiarize ourselves with the congregation at Church of the Resurrection.  For four years I found numerous reasons not to follow Joann's suggestion.

In September of 2007 our granddaughter Haley Grace began her two year tenure at Peter Pan.  Since our daughter had returned to the work force Joann or I would pick up Haley every day after school.  We continued to be impressed with the school and the staff.  Given Haley's contrarian moments Joann and I marveled at eh patience that the staff exhibited with our precocious granddaughter.
In October of 2008 I thought that I should attend a service and see what the church that sponsored a terrific preschool was like.  Thinking that I could discretely slip into the back part of the church and observe the service and quietly make an exit once the service concluded, I went to a 10:15 service on a bright fall day.  My plans for quick exit were a total failure.  Father Bruce found me on my way out and he made a special point of welcoming me to the service.  I joined the congregation at the social hour and felt comfortable immediately.
When I returned home Joann asked me what I thought of the service.  When I explained how impressed I was with the service and the warm welcome Father Bruce extended me, my wife had the pleasure of an "I told you so" moment.
We joined the church shortly after that first visit.  Joann and I have enjoyed the Sunday Services and we especially enjoyed the Christmas and Holy Week Liturgy at the Church of the Resurrection.  We enjoy attending the weekly services with our daughter Cheryl and her family.  I am not sure that there is just one thing that made Joann and I join the Church of the Resurrection family, but I am positive the whole process began because of the wonderful experience our granddaughters experienced at Peter Pan Preschool.  Haley Grace has finished her two years at Peter Pan.  She often says she does not like her new school so she will just go back to Peter Pan.  Joann and I feel that there will be no reason for us to try another church - we are lucky we can just keep going to the Church of the Resurrection.
Jim Kerrigan