Mary Lou Lucas

About 35 years ago Church of the Resurrection had a cultural and music exchange with the Episcopal mission at Nixon, Nevada on the Piute reservation. 
Audrey Waldren and I volunteered to cook - 300 meals three times a day!  I don't remember sleeping but I do recall a lot of hysterical laughing and sometimes crying!  We made tons of spagetti, lasagna and burgers, we baked cakes and cookies.  I don't know why but we had no help in the kitchen and we worked ourselves into exhaustion!  I haven't had that much fun in all my life!  Kids came from all over the Diocese, we taught the reservation kids "Cool in the Furnace."  Our kids learned beading and heard wonderful stories.  It was just too great!
During our time there Chief Winnamuca died - the little church was crowded and we sat on the altar since we provided the choir.  Dean Lucas was one of the pallbearers - the highlight of his life!  After the service the burial took place in the church yard cemetery.  The Shaman came with his top hat with buffalo horns and grieved at the grave site.  That was something most people never see.
When Father Shackell retired to Southern California, the parish participated in making a quilt.  The talent of our parishioners was something to see.  In the very middle of the quilt one of the kids made a square showing Father Shackell from the back - clad in his pink vestment with a fringe of hair surrounding his bald head!  He loved it!
During Advent, Church of the Resurrection always had (and has) a Christmas pageant.  Bill Giese, a great friend, always participated as one of the kings.  No one ever saw him without a burnt-out cigar butt in his mouth.  As the group progressed into the church, Bill always marched with great dignity sporting the usual cigar butt!!
Jane Giese was a talented and enthusiastic musician, organist, and music director.  One day, when she was playing a particularly challenging piece, my son (at age 8) said: "Mrs. Giese just fell into the organ again!!"
Mary Lou Lucas