Mertya Chang

My recollection of the start of the Church of the Resurrection was father attending meetings at the Benson's home and services at the Pleasant Hill Bowling Alley where I first attended.  I do not remember how long we met at the bowling alley before we went to the Seventh Day Adventist church on Grayson Road and I do not remember how long we attended services there.

Dad would go to the construction site of our church to work with other fellows in building from the foundation and upwards to when he rolled on the roof.  Mother made sandwiches and desserts for the workers; I do not remember how long that period lasted before completion. I do remember there was a catholic man who attended Christ the King church and who worked along with the episcopalians.  His wife was episcopalian and taught Sunday school at our church.
I remember "hilltop house" on the Kahrs Street property, the two very large fig trees and the weeds. Dad took his power mower to get the weeds down (before weed wackers were born).  I remember picking figs before that portion of the land was sold.
After the church was completed there were work parties and at lunch time it was like a picnic when we all gathered for prayer and ate together. Sometimes we had a BBQ lunch.
Many times while I would be pulling weeds I would meet others and at lunch time we would gather to eat and see and meet everyone.  This was my memorable time of meeting others at work parties!
Mother enjoyed meetings with the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) and helping with church rummage sales.
Dad became more involved with scouts and their activities, being on the Vestry, ushering, teaching Sunday school, and doing a few rounds of baking cookies for Sunday service fellowship time.
Before the orange orchard was planted Gary Lawrence planted fruit trees on the grounds for different families of the parish with the hope they would care for the trees.
Ah yes, I remember when . . . . .
Mertya Chang for the James T. M. Chang family