Shirley Larson

Shirley Larson was born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in 1917.  One of her favorite memories is of the Sunday mornings when the whole family walked together to church. 

Shirley married Bill Conrad in 1940.  Two years later their daughter Carol Louise was born. Bill served in the Army during World War and was killed on Normandy Beach in April 1944. The Army held an Episcopal memorial service for Bill in Cleveland even though he was buried in France.  Shirley found the service to be very comforting so she joined the church.  She remains a faithful Episcopalian to this day.
In 1946 Shirley visited friends in Hawaii and liked it so much she stayed on and took a job at Schofield Barracks.  She met Hank Lind at a Christmas dance and they were married in 1948. Their daughter Helen Ann was born a year later. Hank eventually shipped out to Korea and was killed in action there in 1950.
Somehow, Shirley was able to pick up the pieces and move on.  She moved to Pleasant Hill in 1952 and made many friends.  She married Jim Larson in 1960. He added a four year old step daughter, Sue, to the family.
Shirley has always made time for her family and friends, but she has also given gift of countless hours to her church and community.  She has been very active at Resurrection working in the office and assisting with mailings.  More recently she volunteered at Clausen House and Loaves and Fishes.