Our Vestry

Church members and clergy together govern an Episcopal Church through a governing board called a Vestry. This governing board is called a Vestry because; at one time, it customarily met in the "Vesting Room" or Vestry (the room in the church where the vestments for worship were stored and put on by those leading worship).  The Vestry consists of church members, elected at the annual meeting of the church, and the Rector.  The Vestry is the legal governing and decision making body of the church which approves the parish budget, makes parish policy decisions, and spends the parish's money.  When the Rector leaves the Church it is the Vestry who calls the new Rector.  The Vestry meets on the Second Wednesday evening of each month.  Vestry meetings are open to all church members to attend.

The 2018 Vestry of Church of the Resurrection
Mary Wolf – Senior Warden
Klaus Berkner
Mark Clark
Laura Gianello
Frank Kelly
Greg Harwell
Ramona MacIntyre
Jean Meredith
Jennifer Vargen
Carrie Veurink
Marshall Wells