The purpose of the Legacy Fund is to allow people to expand their stewardship by giving to the work of the Church through a variety of gift vehicles.  This stewardship tool is intended to encourage people to feel comfortable with a trustworthy vehicle to enable the Church to more completely fulfill its mission by developing its ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating funds.
Once you fill out a Membership Form for the Legacy Fund acknowledging your intent to include the church in your planning, you automatically become a member of the Legacy Society which celebrates your commitment each year with a lunch or dinner.
What Can You Do??
  • Make the gift of a lifetime, no cash needed, only the foresight to "plant a tree even when you know you won't be able to enjoy the shade".
  • Change your will to include your church family.
  • Change the beneficiary on your 401(k) or other fax deferred plan to include your church family.
  • Honor a loved one with a gift to the church in general or for a specific ministry.
Legacy Fund Policies
The Board of the Legacy Fund has a policy for receiving gifts of many types.  These include:
  • Cash
  • Publicly Traded Securities
  • Closely Held Securities
  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Tangible Personal Property
  • Deferred Gifts
All information obtained from or about donor prospects will be held in the atrictest confidence.  Not the name, the amount, nor the conditions of any gift will be published without the express written or oral approval of the donor and/or beneficiary.
How Can We Help You?
If you have questions or would like more information, please call the Church Office or contact one of the Legacy Fund Board members through the Church Office or use this infomation form to communicate your interest your interest.  
To join the Legacy Fund complete this membership form and deliver it to the Church Office.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the form.