Legacy Fund

The Vestry has established a planned giving committee which we have named the Legacy Fund of the Church of the Resurrection.  The purpose of the Fund is to encourage and facilitate planned gifts in support of the mission and ministry of this congregation.
By planned gifts we mean bequests in wills, life income gifts, gifts of real estate and life insurance.  Before you get lost in the technical jaron of gift and estate planning and the intricacies of tax law, understand this:  planned giving as we practice it is ministry to our congregation (by giving you information you need), and to the church (by helping it gather the resources it needs for mission and ministry).
If you would like to explore how a particular means of planned giving might assist you in caring for your family and helping the church please contact the Church Office or contact one of the members of the Legacy Fund Board to provide you additional information or to meet with you to discuss, confidentially, how planned giving can apply to your particular circumstances.
Making a will - one type of planned gift - is such an important part of Christian stewardship, yet 50 to 70 percent of Americans die without making a will.  Imagine what could be accomplished if each of us took the simple first step of planned giving and made a will, remembering the church in some way as a part of our family.  The resources for ministry would be extraordinary.
Join us, won't you, in talking about, encouraging, and participating in this vital ministry of the church.
In addition to the information on this web site the Diocese of California contains more information at http://www.episcopalgift.org. Give it a look.