Digital Spirituality

...explores many ways in which you can find spiritual nourishment inside of church and out in the world, on your own or in community.The links below try to help the church make sense to the wider world and try to help the church take seriously the spirituality that goes on outside of the church.
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What are the readings for church this week? Generally we follow the Revised Common Lectionary. Right now we're in Year B. You can find all the readings right HERE.
Can't make it to church? Here are some great resources to keep you spiritually grounded at home and on the road:
Pray-As-You-Go: daily meditation for iPod and PC
The Daily Office of the Episcopal Church
Stay in touch with the whole Episcopal Church:
Good sites and podcasts for religion and modern life:
Interesting, challenging current thinkers:
Local seminaries and good places to take classes: