Update, as of May 6, 2020: 

The High School Immersion Trip leadership team has been waiting and watching as the COVID-19 situation unfolds, and at this point our plans remain very uncertain. Even if the shelter in place order has lifted by midsummer, it's quite possible that it still won't be safe yet to have such a large group traveling together and all staying in a small place, and the governor has said that religious services/gatherings will be part of "Stage 3" of reopening, which is "months, not weeks, away." The likelihood that we won't be able to take the trip we had originally planned, when we had planned to take it, is really disappointing for us all. At this point, your leaders from the three churches are proposing a "wait and see and hope" approach. We encourage high schoolers to still save the week of August 2-9, with the hope that we can do *something* awesome together, even if it may not be what we had originally planned — maybe something local, or some sort of hybrid experience. We’ll be in touch as we learn more.


Every summer members of our Senior High Youth Group participate in a Youth Mission Trip and this group includes youth from other Episcopal churches in the East Bay.

The working trips have been in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast helping to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina, Idaho, and Arizona.  The youth have twice visited the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux reservation in South Dakota. 

2020 Mission Trip: Magalia 2020! 

Here's the brief run-down:

WHO: We'll be partnering with Christ Church, Alameda and All Souls, Berkeley. Shannon Eng and Rev. Liz Tichenor will definitely be going, and other adults leaders from our church are TBD.
WHAT: We'll be doing work to support continuing recovery efforts following the Camp Fire of 2018, then outdoor adventures and fun! 
WHEN: August 2nd — August 9th, 2020
WHERE: Magalia, California -- near Paradise, about 150 miles north of here
WHY: Because it's going to be awesome!! 

For more information on the trip and fundraising efforts contact Shannon Eng at palmsupmissions@gmail.com.

July 7 thru 11, 2020
Washington, DC

Episcopal Youth Event sign-up now! Please apply now!  Can't say enough good things about my experience at the Episcopal Youth Event in 2011.  EYE 2020 (July 7-11) is looking to be even more awesome. The Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) is a triennial event for the entire Episcopal Church. Over 1500 people (high school students, adult mentors, and Bishops from around the church) come together for a little under a week. Time is spent in worship, large group presentations, small group discussions on a variety of topics and a lot of time hanging out and meeting people from around the world. EYE2020 is taking place in Washington D.C. and the diocese is subsidizing most of the costs.  I would like to take as many youth as possible to this, so please apply early so we can hopefully accommodate everyone.  We can help fundraise the remaining amount.
Read more here and please apply. 


2019 Mission Trip: July 28- August 4th

We went to Dulac, Louisiana to volunteer with housing projects. We had a fun day in New Orleans to end the trip!