Keeping Your Zoom Meetings Safe Church - From the Diocese of California

Over the last few weeks, our churches have quickly adapted almost every ministry into the online world. It is brought about some exciting changes, but also new dangers. No one thinks the bad things will happen to them, but we would like you to consider these policies a preventative piece of pastoral care.
We offer the following guidance for parishioners and congregations to work together to keep their online meetings safe:
  • This week, Zoom has updated their security to include better back end encryption and a ‘report a user’ button but you need to download the latest version here to get it.
  • Direct links to meetings shouldn’t be posted on websites or public social media pages. Use registration links or email addresses in public posts. Direct links can be sent via email, text, or shared on private social media pages. 
  • Many meetings will have a waiting room when you first arrive. It’s just like being welcomed by an usher before entering the church; a chance for the leadership to greet you and make sure everyone coming into the room is known.
  • Double check your background and screen name before the meeting starts. Make sure they are both church appropriate.
  • One to One messaging is the same as having a conversation in a room with no windows. Especially if minors are involved, there should always be three people in the conversation.
  • While screenshots of our meetings look really fun, do not post them on social media without the permission of everyone in the photo. If there are minors, you need the permission of their guardian. Also, when selecting the photo ask yourself if it respects the dignity of everyone involved.
If you have questions about how to keep your meetings safe for everyone involved, email Caren Miles 
Caren Miles - Diocese of California: