O God, in this interim time we pray for our parish family, that we may be genuine in our self-reflection, tireless in our commitment, patient in our discernment, loving in our communion, open in our search, and daring in our faith.  Keep our hearts open, our spirits strong, and our wills aligned with yours, that we may joyfully accomplish the mission you have set before us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    The search process is a multi-step, multi-faceted process which includes an honest and thorough self-study to help us understand who we are, identify strengths and growing edges, and discern where God is calling us.  During the self-study phase the search committee will solicit input and insight from the entire parish.  This will involve both a survey and in-person events (both large and small) in order to hear from everyone.

    The search committee will use the self-study to build the parish profile (an extensive description of parish characteristics, ministries, programs, facilities and resources) and Office of Transition Ministry portfolio, and to discern the desired strengths, characteristics and style of the person who will best lead us into the future God intends.  

    Upon its approval by the vestry and Bishop’s office, the parish profile is published, and the interview process begins.  During this phase the search committee accepts applications for the rector position.  It will then review and interview candidates and, in the final stages of its work, will travel to the candidates’ current parishes to conduct an in-person interview and observe preaching, liturgical and relational styles.  Ultimately, the search committee will present finalists (usually 2-4) to the vestry.

    The vestry will interview finalists and elect the new rector.