This year our Holy Week will weave together practices at home and live streamed services from the Church. Plan to join the live stream from our Facebook page, at the following times:

GOOD FRIDAY — APRIL 2 at 12:00 pm; 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm

EASTER DAY - APRIL 4 at 10:15 am

In addition to our live streams, we are also sharing resources for you to engage these practices at home. See this resource for ideas on how to create a sacred space in your home. Below, you can find ideas for how to step into each day at home. Bulletins for each day will be posted here as they become available.

Download the bulletin for Maundy Thursday here.

Agapé is the Greek word for love, and the fellowship meals of the early church were often referred to by the name “agapé,” or “love feast.” You are encouraged preoare a simple meal at home, before gathering through the live stream for this service. We'll begin the service together by live stream, and then take time to eat, whether with our families or together over Zoom. The meal is meant to be simple and reflective, just enough and not more. We'll then continue with the service after about twenty minutes.

Things to gather on your table:
- Simple food and drink
- Candles
- A cross
- An icon, or other adornments that draw you towards God
- A bowl, a large pitcher of water, and towels

Later during the service, we will take part in the ancient ritual of foot washing and then strip bare both our atlar at church and our sacred spaces at home to prepare for Good Friday, for the time until the Great Vigil of Easter. You might do this in the sacred space you have set aside for prayer during Holy Week, or you could to do this throughout your home. Some possibilities include:
- Taking away flowers, art, or other decorative objects for the coming days
- Turning pictures around or covering them with a cloth (napkins or even simple towels can work well for this). The idea is to simplify the space as a way to mark the emptiness of Good Friday. It does not need to be a complete transformation, though: even a small change to your home can be enough to help you enter into the starkness of this time.

There are three ways to step into the beauty and heartbreak of Good Friday this year:

Contemplative Good Friday Service, 12 noon
Download the bulletin here.

Following the Stations of the Cross, we’ll share music, poetry, and reflections of seven members of Church of the Resurrection, woven together and offered on Facebook Live.

Good Friday Family Service, 4 pm
We will be having a Good Friday Family service on Zoom this year. It will begin at 4pm, lasting about 45 minutes, and include the story of Holy Week, time for foot washing, and a small craft project. If you or your family might be interested, please email so she can send you the Zoom link.

Solemn Good Friday Service, 7 pm
Download the bulletin here.

Join on Facebook Live for our traditional Good Friday service, with wonderful music, reading of the Passion Gospel, and prayers.

Things to gather:
- A simple cross
- Flower petals or somethign else small and beautiful to lay on the cross

During the evening service, a wooden cross is brought into the sanctuary for our collective meditation, veneration, and prayer. You are invited to use your own cross at home, as well: you might consider laying a hand or your forehead on it, kissing it, or decorating it with petals or something else beautiful.

Each year we take a Good Friday offering to support the work of the church in the Holy Land. You can take part in this longstanding tradition of supporting great need here:

Download the bulletin here.

Things to gather: 
- A candle and/or fire-makings
- A bowl with water
- Bells
- A white or gold cloth
- Flowers, icons, or other decorations
- Celebratory food and drink to enjoy when it's all over!

We will begin this night outside, kindling the new fire. You are invited to make a fire or light a candle to join in this new light, even spread out across the distance. Later in the service, you can use a bowl of water as we reaffirm our baptismal covenant, and bells as we celebrate the resurrection! If you have created a sacred space in your home, late this night would be the time to add in a white or gold cloth as the underlay, as well as flowers or other icons or decorations, to celebrate this new life.

Download the bulletin here.

We learned last year that no matter what the pandemic can throw our way, Easter still comes. Join on Facebook Live for glorious Easter music and a celebration of our shared hope. We’ll also be making Communion available to pick up on Easter Sunday, see below to sign up.

Communion and Easter Bags
We are getting ready to celebrate Easter and are excited to offer ways for us to all live into the fullness of the season. Come to church on April 4th, Easter Sunday, between 12 and 1 pmto pick up Communion and/or an Easter bag.  Please sign up here so we can have enough Communion and bags ready for each person that would like one. The Easter Formation bags will be similar to the Lenten bags we passed out a couple of week ago. The bags will contain some materials to help guide adults and kids through the season of Easter as we near the Great day of Pentecost.
Please sign-up here if you are interested in receiving Communion or picking up a bag on Easter. 

We will hold another prayer gathering on Zoom at 5:00 p.m. on Easter to receive Communion together — those who sign up will receive an email with the link. If you're not able to participate in this gathering, you may still receive Communion on your own or with others in your household, using a set of prayers in the booklet that comes with your kit.