During October and November, we invite you to come by COR and make a prayer flag!  Prayer flags are ancient symbols of prayer, peace, and goodwill. They are made on simple fabric squares and hung up to blow in the wind, releasing our messages of love and blessing to all Creation.

All the supplies you need for your flag will be on a table in front of the church office and sanctuary double doors. Please come by at your convenience, one person or family unit at a time, and create your flag with one word, mantra, bible verse, or any offering of blessing, supplication or thanksgiving.
Leave your completed flags in the colorful box on the same table outside the parish office. Feel free to take more than one flag and to invite neighbors and friends to write prayers. We want as many flags flying as there are prayers and blessings!
You can also create your own flags from sheets or other light-weight white or solid color fabric. Squares are 9x9 inches or thereabouts--precision is not the point. Use fabric markers or indelible ink and feel free to include colors, symbols, pictures or meaningful designs.
If you are unable to make it to the church please let us know. We are also happy to mail or deliver flags to you or even make a prayer flag for you. In that case, email your prayer or direct any questions to CC or the office. The flags you make will be strung from the highest heights around the COR campus creating a visible, tangible and sacred blessing for the world!